Find Your Car Application


Thanks to camera surveillance and image processing systems integrated with parking guidance systems, it is easy to find where your vehicle is located. The application reads through your car’s plate by means of camera-based surveillance systems that can be placed on floor or corridor basis via ultrasound sensor to determine which floor and corridor. It is easy for customers to understand where their cars are when they write their plates on the computer screen.

  1. If the application is applied as an ultrasonic sensor in the car park, the camera-based surveillance systems to be installed on the floor or corridor basis to determine the location by reading your car’s plate.
  1. If the parking guidance system is implemented as a video sensor, this system is integrated with the plate identification system and the “Find Your Car” application will show the vehicle as clearly as it is parked.

Using the “Find Your Car” application, which is placed in a suitable location, you can easily find the location of the driver’s vehicles.

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