Polyurethane Concrete Performance Floor Coatings


It is a floor covering system used for floors exposed to heavy mechanical effects, water-based polyurethane based, solvent-free, color, flat and matte finish, easy to clean, no dusting, and providing impermeability due to the film layer it creates on the floor. Application thickness is 4 mm. It is the only coating system that shows superior performance against direct liquid / vapor effects up to 120C, thermal shock, impact / impact effects of heavy objects, heavy static / dynamic loads, organic acid, inorganic acids according to industry type.

Usage Benefits:

  • Durability

Wear Resistance: It provides extremely high abrasion resistance for floors under heavy loads, where forklift trucks are transported, and steel wheeled transport vehicles operate.

Temperature Resistance: Continuous repeated and thermal transformations do not cause blistering and peeling under direct liquid/steam effects at temperatures up to 120C.

  • Security

Chemical Resistance: It is extremely resistant to a wide spectrum of substances, from concentrated inorganic and organic acids to alkalis and solvents.

  • Uninterrupted Application

It also minimizes the risk of bacteria producing and harm getting into the soil by making a monolithic coating and minimizing the amount of joints.

  • Biological Inaction

Polyurethane does not create an environment suitable for concrete bacteria reproduction. Surface cleaning can be done by cleaning method applied in the industry.

  • Non-Slip Feature

It creates a non-slip floor even on surfaces that are underwater and oil-spilled using special types.

  • Does not hold stains

The ability to avoid staining against food pollution has been proven 12 hours after its application.

  • Maintenance Expenses

Due to its impermeability and high chemical resistance, it is appointed even at high temperatures against industrial cleaning processes such as steam sterilization and CIP systems.

  • Standards

Industrial floor coverings and in particular in the food industry meet American and European standards.

  • Hygiene

Polyurethane concrete floor coverings are completely impermeable. Thanks to its high resistance to chemicals, it exhibits excellent resistance to powerful detergents and disinfection substances, even if the water temperature is high. Polyurethane concrete coatings are applied in thicknesses starting from 6mm, creating a durable coating even for steam cleaning. Polyurethane does not create an environment suitable for the formation of concrete microbes and bacteria. They are formed by polyurethane concrete jointless and monolithic. This reduces potential hazardous pollution and meets European and American standards for the losing-beverage industry.

Usage Areas:

  • Industrial floors
  • Food Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Factories
  • Pharmaceutical Factories
  • Chemical-producing factories
  • Warehouses
  • Hotels

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