Magnetic Based Sensor


The magnetic sensor monitors whether outdoor parking spaces on the street or outside the street are used. It also ensures that open area car parks are managed in a healthy manner by providing control of occupancy and time data. For the drivers, each area automatically sends information to strategically locate indicator signs in parking spaces to provide real-time data on the number of open spaces available.

Solution Benefits

  • Wireless design and battery usage guarantee low cost installation, fast and flexible operation.
  • Installation of a flush mounted sensor using asphalt or concrete standard drilling tools is done in a very short time.
  • Better detection setting can be done by remotely autodetecting and re-calibrating via Cloud.
  • It is resistant to outdoor environments. IP67 compliant.
  • Compatible with all weather conditions. – 30C to + 70C
  • Has 5 to 7 years battery life

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