Environmental Policy


Environmental policy is established with the purpose of determining the basic principles of FORTE Kent Teknolojileri A.Ş’s  Environmental Management System.


The policy covers all activities directly or indirectly effecting of FORTE Kent and all of its affiliated companies.

Legal Framework FORTE realizes its entire operations in accordance with local and international environment laws, regulations and relevant legislation. In the absence or insufficiency of the above, general applications of the industry and applications in accordance with international general practice are realized.

Roles and Responsibilities

Environmental Policy as formulated by Management Systems Department is reviewed together with its human resources and all departments and is updated and managed by the management systems department.

General Principles

All employees work in cooperation to achieve the targets of this policy. All units are obliged to take and implement the required actions within their fields of responsibility.

  • Disposal process of all kinds of waste generated by the operations of our establishments is considered as a loss of natural resources and develops methods which would prevent pollution at their sources.
  • Develops methods to protect natural resources like energy and water.
  • In business operations, compliance with the legal and other provisions of the country in which operations are executed is considered as the basic requirement.
  • Performance of Environmental Management System is continuously monitored, measured and improved for the protection of the environment and prevention of loss.
  • Operational methods which are in conformity with the nature are adopted in the environment in which operations are carried out with the awareness that all activities have an effect on the environment.
  • It generates required environmental awareness with all its employees and employees of sub-contractors and with continuous improvement culture its sustainable development and extension is supported.
  • In order to leave a healthy and clean environment to future generations, by making analyses directed to help control environmental dimension and its impacts, environmental goals and targets directed to reduce use of resources are determined and environmental performance is monitored regularly.
  • Recovering, recycling and re-use of waste generated as an outcome of operations of establishments are promoted.
  • With the principle of environment can only be developed with employee participation, system performance is monitored with successive responsibility.
  • Precautions are planned and implemented to reduce environmental damages to a minimal level in case of an accident or emergency that may occur during our operations.