Infrared Sensor Based


Infrared sensors or the IR sensors are low frequency light emitting diodes which are placed strategically in each parking slot all over the parking facility. Each IR used in the system is a passive IR sensor which must be continuously in working phase and send its data to the server in real time. The hardware interfaces the data from IR sensors to the server. While reading this data in a continuous feed the server has predefined threshold limits to check if a car is parked in the parking slot or is it vacant. The minimum and maxim threshold for the frequency readings are decided upon the average ground clearance of each vehicle, wherein a sports car might have a very low ground clearance and a sports utility vehicle may have a very high ground clearance.

Solution Benefits

  • Highest accuracy sensor available
  • Simple, foolproof, direct light beam for accurate detection
  • Vehicle detection
  • Elimination of false positives
  • Driver identification.
  • Direct light-based parking sensor
  • Minimum 99.5% accuracy
  • High quality multi-color RGB LED lighting
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Secure API & flexible integration options

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