Camera Sensor Based


The camera sensor based smart system provides information about the full-empty state by processing the image with the video management system software. The camera sensor devices are produced according to the ability of making single- or double-sided parking detection according to the condition of the parking lot. Thanks to the installation in the middle part of the parking corridor, the camera sensors can control the points on both sides of the corridor and can detect up to 6 vehicles with double-sided cameras in the same area.

The images recorded by the camera sensors are processed with video management software, allowing the system to send rich data.

Solution Benefits

  • It has the highest camera detection capability thanks to dual detection technology.
  • Reduced maintenance costs through the design of the enclosure.
  • It compiles the statistics of the vehicles using the parking facility. (License plate numbers, circulation in the park, parking time and status statistics, etc.)
  • Provides better security in parking facilities. (Complement of CCTV systems)
  • Communication and cabling system reduce installation time and costs.
  • Better VIP, Employee and Blacklist management.

Value Added Services

  • Find Your Car: The information of the parking place where the car is parked with the license plate service is stored in the software. Kiosk or payment machine helps end users to find their car.
  • Mobile Payment: With the license plate identification feature, payment can be made via a mobile application.
  • VIP, Employee, Blacklist Production: Better management of parking spaces by setting different rates per region.

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