PARKFORTE Parking System

PARKFORTE offers a holistic Smart Parking Service portfolio providing a comprehensive parking user journey from searching and finding a vacant parking space or parking lot over navigating there and mobile payment. High quality and scalable information services for On- and Off-Street Parking form the core of a full-service offering. Therefor PARKFORTE focuses on collecting highest grade data of free parking spaces and car parks through leading-edge technologies to create a distinguished, comfortable and user-friendly parking experience for drivers positive impact on your business.

Parking Management System

With PARKFORTE, you can develop your parking facility into a consistent winner with skill and agility.

Parking Guidance System

PARKFORTE allows operators to better track and manage open spaces, capture real-time driver data and create measurable parking metrics for future forecasting.

Plate Recognition System (LPR)

PARKFORTE offers an advanced LPR system for detection of vehicles entering and exiting parking lots, authorized entry-exit systems, security implementations and traffic applications.

Valet Management System

An advanced system for your valet with cash register, EFT-POS, accounting and reporting. Carried out in a fast and accurate manner through the integrated hand terminals.

Parking Consultancy

PARKFORTE works with you to maximize your revenues, reduce the most inconvenience, reduce operating costs and extend the life of your park facilities.

Parking Traffic and Road Marking

PARKFORTE offers a variety of suggestions to meet your needs from A to Z with the knowledge and experience of Traffic Safety Products and Architectural Solutions.


  • Easiest and quickest way to find a vacant parking spot.
  • Highly reliable parking information.
  • Helps to more efficiently plan both private and business trips with the car.
  • Possibility to find parking at best price-performance ratio.
  • Online Payment
  • PARKFORTE has a solution for mobile payment at ungated parking lots and for On-Street Parking payment using the parkpocket app. Registered users can purchase predefined tickets by using their credit card information and entering their registration plate number and receive immediate feedback.

  • Parking Guidance Systems
  • A camera based parking guidance system from PARKFORTE serves to reduce frustration for your parkers while providing a high tech experience. PARKFORTE is a price sensitive manufacturer and provider of parking guidance system technology that competes with ultrasonic and other camera-based solutions.

  • Valet Parking System
  • The driver leaves the car at a transfer point in front of the parking garage and activates Valet Parking. The vehicle then drives through the barrier automatically, finds a free parking space and parks. When the driver presses a button on their mobile phone, the car returns to the transfer point automatically.

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The broad spectrum of proven standard to customized solutions guarantees every customer the optimal solution in order to maximize sales and to offer the best comfort.

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Over 10,000 PARKFORTE systems across shopping centers, major airports, municipalities, sports stadiums parks take people quickly and safely to their destination and enable smooth access for vehicles. It’s our way of keeping the world turning!

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Installation Success 91%
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