Off-Street Parking Management System

A standard parking management system consists of entrance and exit ticket machines, barrier, manual payment station, automatic payment station, management console and servers. If requested, the system is supported by integrated Plate Recognition (LPR) solutions. Park Management System, Park Routing, Variable Message Sign, Financial, Reporting and Intelligent Business Systems.

PARKFORTE, offers a wide range of proven and efficient hardware and software packages to suit the needs of a park operator. All aspects of the product can be tailored or tailored to meet the requirements and characteristics of any project. The system has the capacity to process any payment or access control environment currently on the market.

Third-party verification and reservation systems, web verification programs, prepayment programs with mobile payment devices, and external interfaces for a wide range of payment hardware options ensure optimal operation and efficiency of all parking lots.

              Entry / Exit Terminals

A parking facility provides all functions such as ticket dispensing, ticket verification and card reading as well as the necessary vending equipment.

The Entry / Exit Terminals provide a modular hardware and software platform and can be configured to respond to any needs that may arise in the current parking environment. It supports various ticket technologies, RFID and Barcode technology.

It has the best possible useability with its excellent and robust design with its Entry / Exit Terminals, ticket slot, light ticket button, graphic TFT screen, Intercom and optional IP camera support.


       Automatic Payment Machines

APS is a Direct Debit station and offers self-service parking fees collection to drivers. Stations that can function as part of the parking lot management system are installed in convenient places to pay and view on foot. It has a wide variety of payment methods (iron money, banknote credit card, etc.).




            Manual Payment Stations

Manual payment stations are units that serve at exit terminals for drivers in parks that do not have an automatic payment station, or at a cashier in convenient locations of the car park. In addition, lost tickets, new ticket transactions can be made cashier from here.





Parking barrier systems are preferred safely in both indoor and outdoor environments with their barrier systems that provide safety control of vehicles as well as security in parking lots, electrostatic painted or stainless steel body. Moreover, depending on the width of the field, the length of the barriers, the length of the barriers and the use of breakage mechanisms, each requirement presents a suitable solution, depending on the structure. The special compact design features a weatherproof housing with double powder coating. The abrasion-resistant mechanical design ensures fast, smooth and safe movement. Barriers are suitable for heavy duty situations and perform up to 10,000 cycles per day. When in contact with an object in a downward motion, the automatic reverse or stop feature is activated.

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