Variable Message Sign


The VMS variable message sign is an electronic traffic sign that is frequently used in the middle of roads to guide drivers and inform them of special events such as warning them of traffic jams, traffic accidents, emergencies, road repair sites or speed limits.

The changing message sign works within a network of electronic guide boards on the roads and broadcast live info.

Solution Benefits

  • Better traffic flow.
  • Reduction in driver stress.
  • Reduced traffic jam.
  • Effective mobility management.


Solution features

  • Fully customizable.
  • Supports various editor components (text, variable text, image, line, rectangle, gif etc.).
  • Supports all resolutions.
  • Hardware is agnostic.
  • Supporting dynamic data input from different sources (sensors, 3rd party SDK etc.).
  • Display messages with dynamic period.
  • Ability to define dynamic text with custom styles.
  • Daily and weekly plan support.
  • Allowing the operator to use various drawings for dynamic periods.
  • Supports hardware configurations.
  • Sensor, pixel and led hardware settings can be made.

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