Concrete Polishing Systems


Concrete polishing is now known as the end point of ground technology. Concrete Polishing is the delivery of dirty-looking concrete surfaces with polishing machines and diamonds to marble and granite brightness by eroding them with scraping, honing and polishing steps respectively. Your existing concrete floors are wiped with concrete polishing machines and abrasive diamonds, scraping the weak layer of the concrete surface. Mechanical polishing process is performed by obtaining a stronger surface. You can leave the brightness of concrete floors at the desired brightness level with concrete polishing machines.

Lithium Silicate is applied during the honing phases on surfaces with concrete polishing application. This chemical reacts with calcium hydroxide in concrete and becomes calcium silicate. This tightens concrete and polished concrete surfaces become stronger and more durable.
In a project that has been decided for concrete polishing, if the vibration of the new spilled floor concrete is made and the air bubbles are removed, the formation of small holes called bird’s eyes is prevented and thus a more aesthetic and smooth surface is obtained when concrete is polished.

Advantages of Concrete Polishing:

  • Eliminate stain formation and polishing with its compact structure with concrete polishing application.
  • High reflection allows for increased ambient light. It saves energy costs, while providing aesthetics to the floors.
  • The polished concrete is easy to clean and maintain. No chemicals required. From this perspective it minimizes costs.
  • Durable enough for heavy machinery, forklifts, and heavy pedestrian traffic locations. It maintains wear and protects against impacts by leveling the joints and concrete.
  • Materials are nano-technological products, drying and curing times are very short. The ground can be used immediately as soon as the application is finished.
  • Thanks to the high shear resistance of bright concrete floors, it is shown as the safest ground alternative in the world.
  • It completely blocks concrete tons, as well as allowing concrete floors to breathe.
  • Since it is very resistant to wear, its life span can be called one of the longest.

Usage Areas:

  • Ports.
  • Logistics Warehouses.
  • Malls.
  • Parking lots.
  • Hospitals.
  • Factories.
  • Schools.
  • Many Other Places.

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