Multi Level Automated Car Parking



Multi-Stage Automatic Mechanical Parking Systems have unlimited parking capacity of small cars. Reduce the space required for parking each vehicle to a minimum and the average time of getting the vehicles is two minutes.

The driver works by parking and leaving the vehicle at the entry level into the parking area. When the driver leaves the safety zone included in the parking area, the system automatically parks the vehicle in the designated parking area.

Multi-Storey Automatic Mechanical Parking Garages facilitate life and add value to the cities without disturbing architectural texture with its aesthetic and superior designs.

Solution Benefits

  • Finding a fast parking space provides a lot more savings from time and fuel.
  • Parked vehicle is parked and picked up quickly and safely.
  • There is no such thing as accidents, damage and theft that may happen to your car.
  • The operation of the system is controlled by the computers and is reliably managed.
  • The system is modular and portable in order to apply both to the existing space and to maximize the parking capacity.
  • The required space per vehicle is reduced to a minimum because no ramps are required.
  • Cost per park is low.
  • Maintenance costs are minimized.
  • Thanks to mechanical parking systems, high efficiency and profitability are obtained from the parking area.


Solution Purposes

  • Provide the maximum safety conditions for users and operators.
  • Take and deliver the vehicles to customers quickly with the entrance-exit cabins apart from each other and rapid change crawler system. (Average time is 90 seconds).
  • With Fully Automatic Parking Systems simplify the parking management safely and sustainably.
  • Optimal access times.
  • Accommodates vehicles in safety.
  • Anti-theft and damage protection.
  • Safe access to car park without narrow ramps or dark access routes.
  • Enclosed area can be halved in comparison to conventional parking spaces.
  • Slashes the space required for ramps and lane widths.
  • Economizing on parking levels and equipment required (lighting, ventilation, sprinklers).
  • Reduced construction time.
  • Exploit the construction space saved for additional parking spaces or for other commercial purposes. With the ability to operate in two directions the delivery time gets reduced and the vehicle gets delivered fast.

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