LiDAR Car Counters


Track parking at the speed of light, specially designed for the industrial market, the industrial solid-state sensor is optimized for 0 to 165 ft. (50 meter) detection and ranging applications, providing both distance and angular positioning while performing fast, continuous and accurate analysis of the area.

The 48-degree beam, produced by diffused light pulses and processed through innovative algorithms, enables this unique sensor to detect, locate and measure a wide range of objects under various environmental conditions.

Solution Benefits

  • Accurate Vehicle Counts for total or per-level availability.
  • Thresholds for minimum and maximum detection time to minimize invalid counts.
  • No saw-cutting traffic loops.
  • Flexible for open lot or garage installations.
  • Scalable to incorporate with other guidance technologies.
  • Hard-wired or wireless communication capabilities.
  • IP67 weather-resistant enclosure.
  • Proven reliability in harsh conditions.
  • Immune to ambient light.
  • No moving parts, for superior robustness.
  • Low power consumption.

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