Parking Management Software


Centralized management system. It is the hub of the entire parking system. The system collects and stores all the information of the parking lot. The administrator can reach all these data as soon as needed. The manager can also know about the operation status of the parking lot by data recording with workplace report.

Our control and monitoring software collects all the information generated by our sensors and allows parking operators to make adjustments remotely. Furthermore, it stores historic data of the use of the parking facility to ease decision making and predict future trends.

Parking Management software becomes the key element to obtain data about parking mobility and behavior. It is also the perfect tool to measure and to compare marketing campaign’s impacts in the establishment.

Solution Benefits

  • Control and monitor the systems remotely
  • Obtain reports about your customers’ parking habits
  • Schedule the functioning hours of your systems
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Integrates with third party systems
  • Accessible from everywhere.

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