Automated Access Control Systems

Automated Access Control Systems controls and regulates the movement of arrival (entry and exit) of the vehicles at the specified location for the work of the system.

It is also possible through the system to specify the period of validity of the use of the system for a vehicle, and the system has the ability to extract daily, weekly, monthly, annual reports … etc., depending on the users ’desire for the system including exit and entry, their times and the number of entry times. And exit for an individual or a group of users.

How the system works

The system recognizes the vehicle using RF card, cameras (LPR) or a sticker that can be placed on the top side of the front glass. If the info matches the database, then the vehicle is granted access.

Then, the barrier will open, or the gate is pulled up by motor from both sides of the gate.

The system is linked with the software to keep attendance and departure records.

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