Valet Parking Management System

Valet parking management system  provided by PARKFORTE is a software application where the companies that provide valet service can follow up customer vehicle records quickly, track customer call and request procedures via their mobile devices or voice answering system, and make various financial and statistical reporting and analysis.

Vehicle Registration Process:

Valet businesses perform vehicle registration using tablet (or a similar device like the picture on the left). As a result of the registration process, the system will automatically send a welcome SMS to the customer regarding the registration notification.

Vehicle Calling Process:

The customers can request a vehicle call from the management system in two different ways.

  1. Send a call request for the delivery of the vehicle from the mobile device by using the CALL OF VEHICLE link that comes simultaneously with the Welcome Sms sent by the management system automatically.
  1. Perform vehicle calling using the voice answering system.

Solution Features

  • Personnel Tracking and Management.
  • Receipt Detail.
  • Active Reporting Technology.
  • Service Quality Tracking.
  • Survey Management.
  • Extra Service Tracking.
  • No more Deletion and Disappearance Problems.
  • Sharing your social media links through the system.
  • Special View for Your logo in the system.

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