Mobile Apps

As the world’s market leader in Parking industry, we constantly innovate and design our solutions in such a way that user-friendliness gets increased while costs for the operator are being reduced. One of the things allowing us to do so, is our wide range of mobile apps; all of which are available on both Android and iOS devices. The web services used to make our apps interact with the carparks are also available for 3rd party integrators.

Operator app:


Point-of-sales app

The point-of-sales app was designed to provide operators with a means of acting quickly upon exceptional and / or unexpected circumstances. In the app, they have a fully mobile cashier at their disposal which they can use to scan or sell customer’s tickets and / or season’s cards. It even allows you to temporarily use any flat surface as a parking during events: even without the usual hardware, you’ll still be able to correctly register and bill people using your parking. The app can also be used to carry out basic operations like opening barrier gates in case of a technical failure.

Xparc User App

The Xparc user app consists of different modules that can be activated individually. Together, they enhance the driver’s overall parking experience and help build loyalty to your carpark. Please note that not all of these solutions will be supported by any Amano carpark. This greatly depends on local standards and the available technology:

End-user app:



The e-Ticket is the contemporary successor of the traditional, hard-copy parking ticket; available on the end-user’s smartphone. Customers can pay for the e-Ticket directly in the app, so there’s no need to queue up at the pay station. Payments happen in a secure environment by means of a credit card. Using the e-Ticket, operators can make significant savings on hardware and operational costs like cash handling. Moreover, since parking flow will run smoother, the overall parking experience can be improved considerably.



With Shop&Stay, municipalities and city councils can reserve parking spots to people actually visiting local retailers. When drivers enter the parking, their license plate gets automatically registered through ANPR-technology and a certain amount of grace time is granted. They can extend this amount by having their in-app QR code scanned at local retailers. People not using the app can do the same by entering their license plate in the retailer’s app. The amount of additional grace time can be individually set to the estimated time the shop visit will take. The user-friendly interface informs the app-user as soon as they start running out of time and provides directions for getting back to his car.



In carparks where QR-technology is not offered (yet), Scan&Pay allows for in-app payment of hard copy parking tickets. When entering, drivers will receive a printed ticket which they can scan and pay for when leaving the carpark. It goes without saying that this in-between solution is likely to disappear once all Amano carparks are equipped with the latest technology; but for now this is a performing solution bringing great added value to the end-user’s parking experience.



With the e-Reservation app, drivers can easily find, reserve and pay for their parking spot. People using the app are more likely to become loyal customers since they know a free space will be available for them. To make sure they will always find their way back, the location of their car gets marked in the app and can be navigated to using in-app directions. The e-Reservation system can be linked to discount systems rewarding people for their purchase behavior, loyalty or whatsoever.


Season top-up

The season top-up app allows users to extend the validity of their physical season card in a digital environment. Several card types and ’parking currencies’ (=minutes, points or a certain period) are supported, making it easy for everyone to use. Besides its contribution to the overall parking user experience, the season top up app helps you save considerably on hardware and / or staff costs.