Plate Recognition Systems (LPR)


The Plate Recognition System is an application that recognizes the vehicles as unmanned by looking at the plates. The Plate Recognition System is an image recognition technology because it uses the images that comes from the camera to identify the plates. This technology is the process of reading alphanumeric characters on the plate with optical character recognition. The Plate Recognition System, which is used in many locations, provides greater control and control over the inputs and outputs.

Uses of License Plate Recognition System

The license plate recognition system can be used for many different purposes. Some of those are:

  • Entry and exit operation with authorization
  • Finding missing vehicles
  • Security and traffic applications

In general, we can distinguish plate recognition systems as follows:

  • Parking Plate Recognition System
  • Paid Parking Plate Recognition System
  • Mobile License Plate Recognition System
  • Highway License Plate Recognition System

Benefits of Plate Recognition System

  • You have to use entry cards and barrier control.
  • Since the barrier opening process is automatic, the number of waiting in the entrances and exits is reduced.
  • Vehicle density at the entrances and exits, and therefore traffic intensity, is reduced to a minimum.
  • You can instantly detect imported guests and foreign vehicles.
  • You can see the detailed reports according to the desired date and time together with the photos of the vehicles.
  • Reports can be automatically sent to the desired e-mail address.

Parking Plate Recognition System

It does not allow the platted vehicles, which are registered on the black list, to enter the licensed plumbing barracks by automatically sending information to the integrated parking management system, which recognizes the plates automatically in the parking lots. If necessary, the vehicle matching the RF cards assigned to the drives for entry / exit to the parking facility detects the correctness of the plates.

Paid Parking Plate Recognition System

In the paid parking facilities, the license plate of the vehicle entering the parking lot is read by the system and the hour it is logged is recorded. On exit, the same vehicle’s license plate is re-read to automatically calculate the insistence time and the fare information is displayed on the screen. The system can work integrated with plug and ticket machines.

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